Well... I thought about that for quite a while who I'm searching for and I put my thoughts together in some words:

First of all you should be a female :o)

If you have some class and are intelligent and open-minded for new experiences we're getting closer.

But you should bring something else with you. You should possess readiness and curiosity to further develop yourself. If you already have some experience in the field of SM that would be good. But if you're only curious and this is the first contact of that kind then I'll love (if you want to) to gently and thoughtful bring you closer to the subject of SM.

I'm in search for a full relationship but that doesn't mean necessarily that that is a condition to get in contact with each other. We don't need to have a full relationship in order to have some fun! And if we only meet to have a coffee together and have a good conversation to see how we hit it of it will be okay for me also. :o)

I expect a well groomed appearance: You don't have to have the looks of a model your personality just has to show and I need to feel it. Essential is your inner attitude towards it. Everything else we will find together. Your age is not so important but should be under 40 younger is fine. older I have to see.

Not all fantasies and practices which I like you also have to enjoy. I'm sure we will find out the things which are a pleasure for both of us. But that doesn't mean now that I will only do whatever you like. That wouldn't be SM anymore. Sometimes you have to do whatever I tell you. But then I will always respect your limits and I wont break them unless we agree to try to expand them.

Respect and discretion are a main priority and for me those are untouchable unless otherwise agreed to. Also trust and is the most important thing in such a relationship and therefore inviolable

If you now feel attracted write me a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and sent a pic of yourself and we can take it from there.

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