As I already said I did try quite a lot of things with my girlfriend I had at the time and we liked trying new things as we both had a lot of fun with it.

We started with small tie-up games and developed some amateur bondage skills. And since we didn't get some really valuable informations out of the internet we experimented with ourselves and got around pretty good.

At some point there came the sadistic/masochistic part of the SM into our games. That started from my girlfriends site. She told me that she wouldn't mind if I take her harder because she would enjoy and like it. No problem...

One led to the other and we were in our first "Educational" games. Also words like "Domination" and "Obedience" and "Devote" found their way in our vocabulary.

Since my girlfriend - as we both new pretty fast - was very submissive inclined. She would have liked to go further than what I thought she would have done or she was willing to do.

During the time we spent together we bought some toys and other things which we more and more often used in our "special activities". There were gags, different ropes, chains, clamps, creams, dildos, butt plugs and so on.

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