Rule 56
As a slave I always have to behave in a way that if other masters, mistresses, other slaves or other people are present my master will always be proud of me.

Rule 57
Should my master deem it proper to lend me to another master, mistress I'll be a slave to them just in the same way as I would be a slave to my own master.

Rule 58
Should my master deem it proper to have more slaves besides me, I will serve my master together with them.

Rule 59
Should my master permit me sexual contact with another master, mistress, or slaves then I will do anything possible in my power to satisfy them as if it would be my own master.

Rule 60
Even though my master has the rights to lend me to others and they can punish me and have sex with me my thoughts will solely stay with my master. Every touch and every punishment of another person I will feel as if it would come from my master.

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