Rule 51
My master is always concerned about my safety, my integrity, and I thank him for it. The physical health of the slave has absolute priority.

Rule 52
My master will try to reach my personal limits and to push them further. Through my behavior I will try whenever possible to inform and show my master how close I'm to my limits.

Rule 53
In case that my master unconsciously crosses my limit I can use my safe word. I understand that the use of the safe word can be necessary but that it should be used only under exceptional circumstances. Generally is my master looking that the safe word needs not to be used.

Rule 54
My master always looks out for my mental and physical integrity. Short-lived signs of my slavery for example weals after my punishment, I will wear with pride, and I will thank my master for marking my body with it.

Rule 55
Should my master wish to have a permanent marking of my body he will tell me about it and get my permission for it. If it is possible in any way for me I'll independently ask for such a marking on my own.

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