Rule 46
To arouse my master sexually is one of my most important duties. Therefore I will concentrate all my doing and thinking to just that task.

Rule 47
I will try to find all places of my master where he is sexually arouse able.

Rule 48
The Penis of my master is the center of my doing and thinking. Therefore whenever I'm permitted I will touch his penis, caress it and kiss it or have it in my vagina or my ass.

Rule 49
The most intimate which I'm allowed to receive from my master is his sperm. Should my master ejaculate his sperm into my mouth I will never waste even a single drop of it. In every other situation I will try to keep as much of his sperm in or on me.

Rule 50
My most important goal will be the sexual satisfaction of my master. I will put my own wishes, needs, desires and my arousal behind that goal.

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