Rule 41
The most essential part of my personality as a slave is my sexuality.

Rule 42
I will train my thoughts so that my sexuality and my position as a slave will melt into a single unit. I will try to let sexual thoughts without SM-contents get into the background.

Rule 43
I will only touch myself erotically if my master gives me permission to touch myself on any place where I'm arouse able for example on my ass and my breasts and my vagina or at any other place that I'm erotically sensible.

Rule 44
I will only have an orgasm if my master gives me explicit permission to have one. Through selective exercises I will try to get myself in a position to reach my climax earlier or later so that I will be able to climax on order of my master.

Rule 45
Any orgasm I have no matter through which means I receive it is a gift to me from my master. Therefore I will tell him about every orgasm which I experience no matter through whom or in which situation I experienced it. I will thank him for the gift and describe to him my exact feelings.

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