Rule 36
Even in company I will always behave in a way that my master can see that I'm his slave and that I belong to him.

Rule 37
I'm not allowed to cross my legs. I always have to sit with slightly opened legs without looking indecent.

Rule 38
I'm not allowed to cross my arms in front of my body and I'm also not allowed to hide my breast or nipples or my vagina with my hands. While I'm standing I will hold my hands on my back whenever possible.

Rule 39
I'm not allowed to touch my body (especially my hair my face and my legs) with my hands. If it should really be necessary (to clean my nose for example etc) I will ask my master inconspicuously for permission.

Rule 40
If we are at a new place I will independently try to find a place where I can show myself naked to my master even while we are in company. When I have found such a place I will inform my master about it and show it to him.

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