Rule 31
The most precious present I can give to my master is my body. I'm proud of my body and therefore I will show it nude whenever possible.

Rule 32
Should it be for any reason impossible to be nude I will take care that my clothes will show and bring out and accentuate the figure of my body and that they will give my master easy access to my body.

Rule 33
I'm not allowed to wear a bra. I am also not allowed to wear a slip with the exception of those days when I have my monthly period. I'm also not allowed to wear a pantyhose allowed are only hold-up stockings or a garter belt.

Rule 34
Only the following principle counts: I'm allowed to wear only a piece of clothing which is allowed to cover my breasts and one piece which will cover my vagina.

Rule 35
If I buy new clothes I will bear in mind that it will underline my position as a slave. From my existing clothes I will sort out all kind of clothes which won't allow my master fast and easy access to my body or which are not sexual or erotic. That includes among other things (but not exclusively) trousers and blouses with lots of buttons and wide T-shirts which will hide my body. Shoes without high heels are not allowed either.

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