Rule 21
The most important present I can give to my master is my body. I will transfer my body to him as his personal property.

Rule 22
I will undertake every effort to keep my body, the personal property of my master, perfectly fit. I will pay attention to the correct nutrition, to health and enough movement.

Rule 23
That my body is weak I am fully aware of and I am also aware of that my master will always take me to my limits and show me where my limits are. To push my limits as far as possible so that I will better fit the perceptions and wishes of my master I will undertake every effort possible.

Rule 24
To give my master the greatest possible pleasure of my body I will always take care of my body as good as I can. On a daily basis I will watch that there will be no hair found on my body with the exception of the hair on my head. Should it be necessary that I have some pubic hair for a specific reason I will keep it short and in a well groomed condition. But I also have to make sure that in this case there is no hair around my anus and the perineum.

Rule 25
I will inform my master when I get my menstruation and when it will be over. During that period of time I make every effort to stay clean and I'm aware that I have to compensate the restriction of my accessibility with some supreme efforts.

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