Rule 16
It is my masters liberty and pleasure to punish me whenever he thinks I deserve it and need it even if it is just a pleasure for him.

Rule 17
The punishment is just a tool to help me become a better slave, and to train me, therefore I regard every punishment as something important and helpful to make me a better slave.

Rule 18
It is the sole discretion of my master to decide what kind and severity of punishment he finds appropriate. I will never protest about the kind of punishment or the severity of the punishment in thoughts or words.

Rule 19
I will gratefully accept every penalty in a humble way. Should the punishment require any kind of action from me I will take that action as fast as possible in any way.

Rule 20
While I understand that punishment is an important method for my education and my further development as a salve I will honestly thank my master after every punishment. Afterwards I will always explain my feelings during the punishment to my master and explain to him how I will behave different in the future to be a better slave.

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