Rule 11
I always act and behave the way it is expected from my position as a slave of my master.

Rule 12
Also when my master is not persent I will always behave and act as if he would be present.

Rule 13
I will never look directly into the eyes of my master unless I'm allowed or asked to do so. In the presence of my master my gaze will always be lowered.

Rule 14
I will never talk to my master unasked to express my wishes or my opinion. Should I have sound reasons to talk to my master I will first ask for his permission to speak up.

Rule 15
If we have company or when we are in public my behavior  will be such that it won't embarrass or expose me or my master. Nonetheless I will always try in public or in company to show and signalize my master that I'm his slave and that I'm his property.

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